Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Like any red-blooded male, I download plenty of pornography. And most of it, to be fair, completely sucks. Because unlike any other red-blooded male, I work in an industry that demands creativity and rigorously reviews all movies, television, music, just let’s say media all for the artistic elements. Things have to stand out.

So I demand proper lighting. A story is not essential, but I want a flow of shot-to-shot. I want interesting camera angles. And I want something different. I could do well without ever seeing fake breasts or peroxide.

It’s kind of sad, in a way, because when you first see porn, it all seems so wonderful and amazing. I could have held onto a page of lingerie from a Sears catalogue for months. A ripped up single picture from Playboy could last almost a year. And now, it’s all so rote and boring. All filled with similar faces and what seems, in most mainstream porn, an almost relentless race toward anal sex and a facial cumshot, dogged by choking and slapping.

Look, I know, looking at these movies, I’m not looking for The Magnificent Ambersons. I’m looking for a prurient release or at the very least, inspiration. I mean, not many people watched Fellini with their dicks in their hands. I’m just saying.

The film I downloaded today had a most unfortunate title. I Banged My Husband in the Ass. Horrid. Just ridiculous. But hey, we’re not here to discuss words, we’re here to discuss sex. Hot sex. Sweaty sex. And this was the sex. Trust me.

The guy in the scene is really scrawny with tattoos, but that belies his girth. Seriously, it made me afraid for the girl a few times. That said, the girl wouldn’t be attractive to me if wasn’t for how hot this scene is. She’s curvy, which is nice, but she has too large plastic breasts and blonde dreadlocks. I guess she’s attractive enough.

What I enjoyed about this video was the fact that unlike most of the femdom type pornography that’s out there, this wasn’t one-sided or mean spirited. This was all about two people getting dirty and enjoying one another’s bodies. Which is what it should all be about.

You could actually see the lust in one another’s eyes in parts of this, as they kiss and she’s stroking his mammoth erection. Or when he’s thrusting his hips, his cock deep inside her throat. By the end, they are both sweaty, he’s just come, and is kneeling inside her thighs watching her rub her clit to climax.

My favorite parts? Well, best of all, a crazily composed shot through his thighs of her licking his asshole while stroking him, his head turned upward in abject excitement, and the camera moving behind them to see her slowly slide fingers in as he takes over playing with his shaft. Or him licking her while stroking himself. That was nice.

The lighting is poor. I haven’t even listened to the sound yet. But it does what all pornography should aspire to…make you feel lust, something I’ve found missing in porn as of late. This movie makes my ass hungry to be teased and fucked and prodded and played with. It makes me hunger for the taste of wet pussy. And it makes me wish that was me, stroking myself as a lover grasps my hips, slamming into me as I make a mess for her.


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