Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Random fantasies

All pulled from my old LJ blog. Hopefully, someone enjoys them, or they can spark something.

Bent over the bed, ass in air, covered in the finest silk panties, black, of course, thigh highs, garter belts, long straps running down her legs, tracing the mucles across the back of her thighs. I was stripped nude, as she asked, she in power, clothed a bit more than me. A frilly black bra covered all of her sex from my eyes. She asked me to come close and kneel behind her.

This was for all the boys in the world that only wanted and never received. I'd be karmically paying women back with this, almost a ritual. She told me to lick her through the thin fabric as she grinded her ass into my face.

I could smell her through the garment, and I was already electric with desire. My hand dropped to my nude sex and she saw, between her thighs, and told me that this wasn't for me, or about me. I did as I was commanded, her forcing me to use the straps of her garters as something to hold me back. I had to keep my hands against her skin, the fabric of them holding my hands away from where they wanted to be, stroking myself.

Her wetness and my saliva made the fabric almost invisble, as I felt her mound press against my chin, almost knocking me back, challenging me. Her legs spread, defiantly, as she raised her rear up and down my face, using me like one would a sex toy, just to get off, to get her fix, leaving me there, hard and horny as she made me, and my gender, pay for their lack of attention, for focusing on themselves.

As my tongue entered her ass, our debt was paid.

Her nude legs spread as she sits on the toilet, pushing my lips against her wetness. Her bending over the seat, offering herself completely open to me. Her holding my cock as I urinate between her legs into the bowl, or standing behind me, pretending its her cock. Her pushing me face first to the floor, pulling my cock between my legs, roughly behind me, licking my ass to the head of my cock as it pokes between my cheeks. Shoving the wood end of the plunger into my ass, making me beg for her rough humiliation.

Her, bent over a chair, spreading her lips and cheeks for me, my tongue up and down her seams, fingers inside her, tongue circling her bud, smelling her sex in my face, slowly working my way to entering my tongue into her asshole, my cock coming alive and hard in my grip, entering her as I push my tongue so deep, tasting her, stroking furiously as I explode all over her legs and feet.

Lying in a tub as she straddles me, lowering her sex to my face to taste, stroking myself as she commands and watches, her fingers inside herself until she lets a hot stream go against my hard cock, covering it as I cum into her spray.

Both of us masturbating across the room from one another, each of us telling each other what to do, her hand showing me just how fast I should go, begging me for more, to squeeze my balls, to spread my legs, to lick my own precum. Wanting to put on a show for her. Her demanding I slide a finger into my own ass and fuck myself for her, two fingers, stroke in time with their invasion of my asshole for her pleasure and cum for her.

I wish I could stop time, right at the moment when a lover take my cock in her hand and her mouth is open and lunging for it. That's the most erotic and amazing thing I can imagine, when someone gives themselves over to the moment completely and their only motivation in life isn't taxes or work or stress, but in putting your flesh in their mouth or their tongue on your flesh and making you explode.

That split second of time standing still, when the air still hits your nakedness, then to be replaced by the wet, warm feeling of lips wrapping themselves around you.

Those are all out of order of date and time. Just sketches, not full ideas. I just had no intention of changing them, just wanted to get them up and out and alive again.


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