Thursday, September 29, 2005

And here's where we go from there.

I was raised in a pretty open household, with the exception of anything about sex. It just was never mentioned. Never.

Not even today.

I learned everything there was on my own. I haven't really learned much (except that I tend to use I a lot when describing my own personal situations, but really, what choice?).

Today, I'm married, happily, with an exception. My wife has been ill for years and the medicines that keep her alive sap her sex drive. We're lucky to make love more than a few times in a year. Otherwise, it's all rather fulfilling, but my sexual mind is alive and evil and seeking prey.

This leads one to the dilemna...I don't ever want to be one of those cheating husbands, but I need some form of release...and not just sitting there watching porn, which the majority of which makes me sick in the way it presents women. I also need some other input, because I feel alone enough at times as it is.

Well, that was quite introspective. I hope it gets moreso.


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